Browser TAB Name and Favicon Change

This is probably something very simple but despite knowing our way around SuiteCRM 8.2.4, this simple request is baffling us.

The company would like the browser TAB (we use Google Chrome as our standard) to show the name as the company name and the favicon as our logo - just cosmetics but something that has come down from above.

Currently the browser tab stays static, from login and throughout the use of the app - the orange and black square favicon and SuiteCRM as the title. I was expecting to find a file that specified etc… in one of the main directories but can’t locate anything obvious. We run SuiteCRM on a hosted platform but standard install and all runs fine.

Could anyone point us in the right direction, which would be extremely helpful. I realise that this is a very basic request but can’t find anything in the support forum that would address the browser TAB as such. We have the company logo across the app already, at login etc… but it is just the browser TAB that we want to change.

Many thanks in advance.

Browser tabs


Here - are usually controlled by a favicon.ico and the sugar_icon.ico files.

These files are located here;

find . -name ‘*icon.ico’


Upload your own 32x32 favicon.ico and sugar_icon.ico and simply replace the files in the above directories.

The browser name is defined in Admin > System Settings > System Name

Browsers suck and take time to update favicon - sometimes its a pain.

Here’s result after replacing images.


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They should add option to upload favicon into System Settings under Admin Dashboard.

Many thanks @dhuntress it worked a treat and took almost 10 minutes. I can’t believe that we hadn’t even thought of the system name in admin. :slight_smile: The file names we would have found eventually and done a global replace but as per your solution, there are a few of them scattered around the system.

I agree with you @rsp, an option to upload, similar to the company logo feature would be useful, although probably more important developments will take priority I guess. I wont raise a GitHub request as there are plenty of these already in the queue for more pressing things and I know the development team are doing a great job.

Many thanks again.

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