Broadcast Your Products & Services Using Bulk SMS Marketing Platform

The SuiteCRM Bulk SMS plugin allows you to send your single text SMS to mass audience within a single click only. This extension is linked with Twilio SMS API which enables sending bulk messages. The process of SuiteCRM Bulk SMS add-on is very streamlined and easy to use. You have to select the recipients list and SMS template only and the rest will be done automatically.

Features of Bulk SMS Platform

  • Every message sent or received is saved in SuiteCRM. Past conversations can also be viewed.
  • Selection of contacts and the template is made then the message is sent.
  • Interactive and flexible live chat box.
  • Various SMS templates and email templates can also be used as SMS templates.
  • There‚Äôs a segmented target list for those recipients which can be later used as SMS marketing campaigns.
  • The personal conversation feature and, a report that comprises all the SMS delivery updates is also there.