Brand New to SuiteCRM, Have a question!

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 As stated, I am brand new to SuiteCRM and exploring what it might be able to do for our company (possibly transitioning off of NetSuite). I am still reading documentation but wanted to get your thoughts on a couple of items. We are a contact center, thus we have many clients under one CRM. Due to this, in NetSuite, our case form actually has 30+ different layouts (different fields based on data that the client would like to collect, etc etc etc). The user would have a role assigned to them, that role would dictate which form would be used for cases, calls, customers, etc. After an initial review of the administration console in SuiteCRM, it appears to me that the case form can only have one layout structure (am I missing something). Is this really the case? I did see that there is a module builder, but it doesn't appear that I can build a module with the same structure as a case (e.g. the ability to add updates to the case and have a history section, etc). I sincerely apologize I am sure this question is a green as it gets. I just want to get a general idea if I can have multiple clients under one roof, using the security roles to dictate what case forms, data, etc the end user can see. Thanks in advance for any information. Back to the documentation for me. 

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You will need some special code customizations to get something like that to work.

If you can get all the fields on the Case module as custom fields (you might hit some limit…) then you could have the code that builds the view show or hide the fields according to some condition.

If you opt for doing more new Modules, note that in Module builder you can add a new module and base it on the “Issue” kind, which reproduces the Cases module. But try it thoroughly first - this is the SugarCRM Issue module here, whereas the Cases module in SuiteCRM has more advanced features, and I doubt you can access them from custom modules. I never tried it, though.

Anyway, you will need code customizations.

(Tell me if you want a SalesAgility sales rep to contact you for a quote. You will also find many other people online, and in these forums, offering these services)