Box around fields


I’m assuming its possible to place boxes around certain field in suitecrm, like the one around the billing address section on the accounts module. Actually, what I’d like to do is place a

in the PHP page. Where would you edit the code to do this? :huh: I’ve been looking in various directories like a headless chicken looking for a file to edit. :huh:

Screenshot of Billing Address group from the Accounts module attached.


This varies a lot depending on which screen you want to change. In the case of Detail views and other views that are constructed from layout defs and from what you do in Studio, it gets pretty indirect, and pretty complex.

This is an example of overriding a view:

BUT that is simple because it does something before displaying, and then let’s the parent class’s Display method do the hard work (see the call at the end).

In your case, you would have to copy that entire code and edit it, instead. Or you could look for examples that inject javascript into views, and use some clever javascript to add those elements after the page loads.

This is all a lot of work for such a simple requirement, I know…

Thanks for the info…

It’s not a show-stopping need. I really wanted to know if it was possible without too much of a headache - but I guess not.

I know its a loooong way down the list, but it would be a nice feature if it was possible to change views, add elements, change fonts and colors and what have you through studio. Maybe someday…


I agree with you this could be improved (and also that it’s a looong way down the list :frowning: )

I think there is a way to make this a not-too-complicated change in Studio. Basically, if Studio would let us add a CSS class (or ID) to the rendered screen, then we could do a lot of tinkering from CSS customizations, without needing to go deep into the screen-generation code. This is just an idea I had.