Bounce Handling Account:*

Where is help? I am not sure where to post.
I get an empty field and nowhere to add the account?


Which module are you having this issue?

Is this in Campaigns?

Bounce handling Mail accounts can be created in “Admin” > “Inbound EMail”
Then choose “New Bounce Handling Account” from the action menu on the left.

Once you create one, you should be able to select it in Campaigns.

If this is not your issue, could you give us more information?
(i.e, where the field is, screenshots of the issue etc…)


You are right and it worked!
I need to get a good and updated user manual if any such thing exist.

Best Regards,

Thank you!!

My bounced emails don’t go to the bounced email account. don’t know how to solve this, everything seems fine but the bounces are being sent to the outbound campaign account. The torture never stops