Bounce back management email account?


In the campaign module for emails, what does “bounce back management email account” mean and where should I enter it?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @mio,

A bounceback email account is a special inbound email account designed to prevent bounced (Not received/errored/invalid) mails from entering your standard inbox, and being handled by systems like cases (AOP) and the likes.

You can create a Bounceback email on the Inbound emails module on the Admin Panel (It’s inside the Email Settings section). You simply choose the Create Bounceback instead of Create Inbound in the drop-down menu (Buttons if on S7).

Configure your bounceback as normal however I would highly suggest using a new email account, etc and hit save.

You should now be able to choose the email from the dropdown within campaigns (Remember to refresh).

More info can be found in our documentation here, Under the header: “Bounce Handling Accounts” :+1:

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