Booking/reservation/resource management

Would be awesome is to have resource/reservation management capabilities whether built in or maybe integrated with something like Booked Scheduler

It just so happens that I did something like that very recently with its own resource calendar and booking module so expect that in an up and coming version of suite. (possibly :wink: )

Awesome, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew,

Just wondered if there was any update on this functionality?


I’ve also got a customer interested in resource booking.

Is this now in the builds or can we get the module to add in?

Depending on his requirements I was planning on going with a simple Booked install but he might need other CRM functions (requirements meeting tonight).

Were you looking at integrating Booked? I’ve been testing that a little but it just adds another system to the mix unless can come up with some nice integration solution.

We are looking to implement resource booking system into a project - anyone on this thread have any progress in this arena.

We would like to collaborate on the development.

Just an FYI on this:

The resource chart functionality has been in SuiteCRM for quite some time.

It is part of the Projects module and you use it as follows:

  1. Create a new Project and assign some Users or Contacts as resources

  1. Open the Gantt Chart and create a Task. The users you assigned as resources to this project will now show up under the Resource select box in the create task panel.

  1. The task for the selected resource will now show up in the Gantt chart.

  1. Now open the Resource chart from the Projects module menu and browse to the date that you assigned the User to in the Project Task. You will see the days blocked out for the span of that task and if you click on the Task a pop-up will appear with further information and a link back to the Task. Users can be assigned to more than one task at a time.

Andrew, I am very interested in the addition of a resource calendar to facilitate shared planning and communication of Meetings for Trade Show Exhibitions.

  • We use campaigns to record the leads we get from Trade Shows so we make a new campaign for every new trade show.

A shared calendar (like that in your latest version for showing multiple team members) for the Trade Show (campaign) as a calendar collection of specific meeting locations/resources associated with the show each with a calendar would be perfect.

Heck just a way for the team to visualize all meetings made for a resource i.e. for the show booth would be great.

If we had this then all our staff would be able to coordinate effectively in real time while at other booth locations. Key technical resources and executives availability could be visualized and effectively and distributedly planned to optimize trade show performance.

For example:

Campaign Calendar - Collective of individual calendars for specific resources:

  • Booth A, Conf A Calendar
  • Booth B, Conf B
  • Booth Product Stand A
  • Booth Product Stand B
  • Networking event A

Perhaps this could be done with some search parameters that allow fitering of the meetings displayed on the calendar views like is done for opportunities, etc.

Thanks for taking time to read this.