Body Field is missing in E-Mail Edit Layout

I use SuiteCRM 7.11.4

I am searching for the Body Field which i want to include in the E-Mail Edit Layout.

Has someone found it?


Sorry, where exactly are you? Editing an Email template from the “Email templates” module? Or in a “Compose” window in the “Emails” module?

Which editor do you have selected in your User profile? Mozaik? TinyMCE?

Hey pgr,

i import e-mails to Contacts.

When i press edit in e-Mail Mask i only get the email with the subject and not the body.

Even in the Studio Designer there is no “Body” field which i could add to the Layout.

I use Mozaik

Are you trying to edit the body of already existing, imported emails?

Nornally email clents don’t let you do that, do they?

If I send you an email, then Gmail or Outlook won’t let you edit my text, will they?

Hey pgr,

Even Outloook allows to edit E-Mails which you have in your inbox.
I use this in office to add infos for me in emails i get from customers

Ok, I know that is technically possible, and I’m a fan of editing received email content myself, I’ve been doing it with a Thunderbird add-on for years.

But it is not a very standard function… I didn’t know that Outlook could do it out-of-the-box (it looks like a hidden trick, more than an obvious feature).

If you want to do that in SuiteCRM you will have to develop it. If it’s for a quick occasional hack, I would just do it directly in the database.