Blocked first in the installation process


I have added SuiteCRM on a dev server. When I try to go to the installation url:
http://mydomain/SuiteCRM/install.php it redirect me to http://mydomain/SuiteCRM/core/install.php

On my local server I didn’t encountered this problem. Is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

In your config.php, please check these values


Thanks for your message but where is this config.php file? I’m not finding it at the first level.

Thank you

Ah sorry, that’s on the first level but it’s only created in installation - that’s why you don’t have it yet.

Then I would say the problem is likely in your .htaccess file, or in some DNS configuration with your hosting… you need to find out who is causing that redirect, and removing it.


Thanks again for this. In fact I solve this issue. Tha fact was that I installed it on my webserver in a sub folder with a CMS in front. it was redirecting to the core folder from my CMS. I needed to push this CMS in another folder and having SuiteCRM as a root. This is not solving at all as I will not want it as root but it permit for the moment to test it.