Block Suhosin ... "upload"

I think I’ve tried all the solutions, without solution.

my hosting plan is shared,

  • for which I created the php.ini file and added:
    suhosin.executor.include.whitelist = “upload”
    but nothing have solved

I tried too:

  • Follow the following steps:
  1. Go to /include/upload_file.php, public function static getSuhosinStatus (), change $ configuration = ini_get_all (‘suhosin’, false);
    $ configuration = ini_get_all (‘suhosin’);

  2. In /modules/upgradewizard/uw_utils.php, in the condition if (UploadStream :: getSuhosinStatus () == true) change $ ret = true;
    $ ret = false;

but I did not find these conditions


    1. /include/upload_file.php the change must be done at row 586
  1. /modules/upgradewizard/uw_utils.php the must be done at row 1161 -> change
    $ ret [‘error_found’] = true;
    $ ret [‘error_found’] = false;

he has not solved

also on this page

maybe it depends on the new version?

Thank you