Blank Screen on Home page

I have a problem with Suitecrm.
after login the home page don’t show dashboards, dashlets and left side bar.
i don’t know what do

has tried disable ajax.
all repair function on admin
upgrade from 7.7.1 to Version 7.8.0 (Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509))
upgrade the translation package (pt_BR)

screenshot attached.

ps: sorry for my english

Take a look at the Suitecrm.log file and see if there is anything in there about the dashboard. Also, check the permissions on your installation.

Can you try going into Admin->Activity Streams, and uncheck Facebook and Twitter, and see if it solves your problem?

It will work in case you’re getting this bug:


It Works!

Very thanks!

@PGR It worked for me too! Thank you.

Brilliant. Thanks!

I discovered another reason why the Dashlets (Home) page sudenly has a blank screen.

If you include a field (probably a custom field since you would not likely delete a core field) in a Dashlet that has been personalized for a User and that field then gets deleted from the system, the Dashlet setup is NOT updated.

The setup is automatically updated for the Editview, … of the other modules when you delete a field, but NOT the personalized Dashlets.

SuiteCRM does not know how to handle tis so it just presents a blank screen - unless you have php errors enabled - which you likely do not have if it is already in production - in which case it then shows an error

To fix this, go back in, add the field back to the module that had the field being displayed in the personalized Dashlet, delete the field from the Dashlet setup, Repair → Rebuild Dashlets and Repair → Quick Repair and Rebuild (yes I know, belt and suspenders) then delete the field (again)

You will be back in business.

I am sure there is a code editing way of accomplishing this but I’ll be darned if I can figure out where all the Dashlet files are and how to edit them so this worked for me.

Addendum: Use Admin → User Management → Reset Home Page before trying the above and the Home page for the User will be reset to the system default (which likely does NOT hold your custom field. Do this for each user that had a Dashlet using your custom filed that was deleted.

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