Blank profile page after upgrade

Hi I have recently upgraded my CRM to 7.9.1 and now everytime i click profile (edit view for editing your user)there is a blank page.

All permissions have been repeatably set to 777 and the owner is set correctly.
I have tried replacing the edit view for users in modules/users/views/view.edit.php, still no luck.
No errors in console - no errors in upgrade.log or suitecrm.log.

Also i have removed the view.edit.php file and the page loads however it doesnt show the most upto date edit view for users.

Please advise

Have you tried a Quick Repair and Rebuild? And a few other Repairs that might seem appropriate?

Make sure you put back the original files before you do it.

And then check your logs, there could be errors there with precious clues.

i have tried many times to quick repair, still no luck. Below is a list of files i have changed from upgrade

Would any of these cause that white page?

Any file with a syntactic problem could break the application… look for problems with apostrophes, brackets, etc.