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Blank Page When Entering/Deleting Account Info


Blank White Page Shows Instead of Adding/Removing Information. No Fatal PHP Errors logged in the Apache error log file

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Accounts (I’ve renamed this to “Clients”)

  2. Click “Create”

  3. Enter Information for Account

  4. Click “Save”

  5. Blank Page loads (index.php) (see screenshot)

  6. If I refresh the page, I see the warning message in the screenshot:

    Confirm Form Resubmission
    The page that you’re looking for used information that you entered. Returning to that page might cause any action you took to be repeated. Do you want to continue?

  1. Sometimes when clicking “Continue,” the page will load, showing the new entry that I submitted and redirects to:
    Other times, I have to manually remove everything after the internal IP address to get it to load again (, then navigate to the Accounts page to view the new entry.

I have verified that my system has enough space, and just increased the disk space to 100G.

There aren’t any FATAL PHP error messages in the log file; however, there are some warnings (listed below):

PHP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /bitnami/suitecrm/cache/smarty/templates_c/%%F6^F60^F609237E%%_headerModuleList.tpl.php on line 28PHP

PHP Warning: Undefined array key “moduleList” in /bitnami/suitecrm/cache/smarty/templates_c%%F6^F60^F609237E%%_headerModuleList.tpl.php on line 28PHP

PHP Warning: Undefined array key “LBL_SEARCH_BUTTON” in /bitnami/suitecrm/cache/smarty/templates_c%%F6^F60^F609237E%%_headerModuleList.tpl.php on line 662’, referer:

Has anyone seen this before, and/or know of any work arounds?


Thank you for any help in advance!

I just ran through it again to see if I could catch any other error messages, and this time, (after refreshing the blank page), it took me to the below page that states the following:

The client [account] record you are about to create might be a duplicate of a client [account] record that already exists. Client [Account] records containing similar names are listed below.Click Save to continue creating this new client [account], or click Cancel to return to the module without creating the client [account


As an update, the solution in the following post fixed the issue I was having with the blank screen that was displaying when files were uploaded/downloaded: PHP Fatal error after file upload on V7 and V8 - SOLVED

I am still having the blank screen issue when submitting information though. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Which PHP version is this? If it is 8.x, can you try 7.3 or 7.4 to see if it changes behaviours?

Hey @pgr ! Thank you so much for all of your assistance so far. I tried changing the version of PHP that the system is using, but since it is a Bitnami image, all of the typical options that typically work did not allow me to change it. I think I will start from scratch and create my own VM (linux with suitecrm).

It seems like I have previously seen you mention having a list of general configurations and pre-requisites that need to be set in order to get it to work properly (for a basic install), but now that I’m looking for that information I can’t find it. Would you be willing to provide me with those details if you have them on hand?

Thank you again for your help! :slight_smile: