Blank page then clicking in "related field" in composing email

Hi guys.

When i click on the popup for related it generates a blank page:[]=name&field_to_name[]=email1
Screenshot below of the error:

Anyone here that might have an idea what is going on here and how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.
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I think you need to select a kind of module first (Contact, Lead, etc)

It should have a proper error message, though

Thanks @pgr for your kind reply.

Well I can type the lead name in the box and and it will find the lead. But the window with the leads list to search in turns out blank when I click on it as you can see above. I have no actual idea on how to fix this. Not sure why it is blank.

But with that said; you’re correct. If you do chose from the list it does load fine.
Thank you very much.

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How do you open that Compose window?

Is it from Emails module, clicking “Compose”?

Or from Leads module (or another), clicking Compose from the Activities Subpanel?


Sales --> leads --> click the lead --> Activities --> Select compose email --> related to…

and… if you click on that arrow button the WSOD shows up. (Unless you pick something from the drop-down list).
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You can try checking the two web requests - the one when the Compose window pops up, and then the one when you click the arrow button.

In your browser’s Network tab, you can click each request and examine the parameters getting sent to the server, and the response. You can then compare a situation where the WSOD occurs to another where it works well, and see the difference… this should give you the necessary clues to find the problem, hopefully

Thank you very much for your suggestion pgr. I will check that out. :+1:

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