Blank page after any save (Contacts or Tasks in my case)


New here.
I a running a local install of SuiteCRM to do some tracking of calls made, etc.

I installed it last week using a Bitnami install (since I’m not terribly experienced). It worked and I’ve been up and running every since.
However, I have this problem where whenever I save n edit made to a contact or a task, I get a blank page that says, “The localhost page isn’t working localhost is currently unable to handle this request, HTTP Error 500.”
I should not that it does indeed save, and that refreshing brings me right back in to SuiteCRM
But it brings me to homepage, not where I left off and so this breaks the workflow significantly.
Any tips? Thanks.

It’s running in chrome.
I don’t know how to check error logs, that’s my next step in searching this forum, as I am assuming feedback may be “can we see the error logs?” but if you have simple steps that would be great.

Thank you