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Blank Listviews


Since I installed SuiteCRM listviews are blank, I have to click on search to see results, and that for all modules

I thought it was a pb of chmod on folders but I checked all and there is no mistake.

Somebody has an idea ?

Many thanks

Hi there,

Does the rest of the page load? Does the module-specific search load? Can you provide some screen shots and detail your environment? Have you attempted to perform a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin and execute any changes(these will show at the bottom of the page after the repair has run).




Yes the rest of the page load, and if i click on search on the simple search or advanced search I can see all my records normally
What is the module-specific search ?
I made a quick repair, nothing change

I understand now that it is the first tilme I open listview that it is empty, because when I make my first research and I come back after on the listview, it’s remind the search and I see my records…

i can give you code access in MP if you want

My configuration :Version 7.1.4
Sugar Version 6.5.18 (Build 1110)

Many thanks

check your sugarcrm.log to see if there are any errors


The only fatal error I have in the log is not concerning the listview


what does it concern?

I attached you my logs, I didn’t see anything which show errors link to the listview

Do you have in your config/config_override ‘save_query’ set? e.g:-

$sugar_config[‘save_query’] = ‘populate_only’;

Yes I have

that the problem either remove it or change it to ‘all’ which “Populates the last search and executes it” - the default behaviour

or set it to ‘no’ which “Discards the previous search and executes a search with no criteria”

populate_only will ‘Populates the last search, but does not execute it’ hense why you need to hit search to see any results

It works !

thank you so much !

I install 3 SUITECRM / month and I never had those problem !


You can refer this links for more info

Search for this title :- Disabling Automatic Searches in the below link

Advance Config

For other info


Hope This helps !