Blank error popup showing for SuiteCRM 8.2.1 & 8.2.0 during install

Extracted SuiteCRM 8.2.1 to a folder in server, set public as domain root and loaded in browser. Shows the install page directly - not showing the license agreement page. Filled all necessary details and a blank red error popup shows up always.

Tested both 8.2.1 and 8.2.0 - gives the same blank error popup.

SuiteCRM 7 was working fine in the same server.

Any ideas would be of great help.

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I think installation is complete, but you wasn’t redirected login page

No. Installation is not completed. This shows right after I click Proceed button. If I reload SuiteCRM again, the same install page appears again. No tables added to database too.

same here. Reload is not helpful, cleaning cache also


Check PHP version here:

Same here, blank message. SuiteCRM 8.2.2. In the console, there is an error:
ERROR Error: Internal server error

Angular 4
    P https://[crm-url]/dist/polyfills-es2015.e450e5585fc067c2eadd.js:1
    Angular 2


	"errors": [
			"message": "Internal server error",
			"extensions": {
				"category": "internal"
			"locations": [
					"line": 2,
					"column": 3
			"path": [
	"data": {
		"createProcess": null

Hi. When you make ref to blank error, is the “famous” red EMPTY box that is been shown in the upper part of the screen?

I am leaving the same nightmare.



Yep, the same :frowning: Quite annoying.

In order to move forward in debugging this, you guys need to go get more information from the two logs