Blank admin page after remove of module

Hi there,

I installed this module last year on a SuiteCRM server:
But i never finished configuring it.

Since then i have moved the Suitecrm to another server and noticed this extension was still active, i went to the module loader and didn’t see it. So i downloaded it and installed it again and then i did an uninstall of the module.

But now my admin panel of SuiteCRM is broken, it just shows a white page when i open it. I’ve searched and searched to solve the problem but can’t fix it. It must have something to do with the extra options for Asterisk integration that is added to the admin page. Can someone please help me out?

I was able to work-around this problem by simply copy pasting the URL to module loader from another SuiteCRM install to the problematic install and install the module again and then disable it.