birthday contact

hello, I read the post to be able to send an email on the client’s birthday and none of them worked for me, someone who can help me

Some generic information always helps:

And then you could at least point us to those threads and say exactly what went wrong, which errors you got, etc. It’s easier to just try and unblock you from a small specific thing that is wrong.

the problem is that, when I do the workflow on a field that creates the date of birth, so that I send an email is not executed, suppose that because the year does not correspond, so create a field called the next birthday, and that when the workflow is obtained with that date, send the mail and add 12 months to that field for the following year, but it does not work either

my cron file is working since other workflow works.


Is the issue that you don’t have repeated runs on? Once the workflow actions once it won’t action for the same record again unless you have repeated runs set.

You must make sure that your conditions won’t cause the workflow to trigger continuously otherwise your contact will be spammed with emails. In your above scenario, this should work as long as you are setting the new next birthday as part of the original workflow.