Bind multi select field with list of other module.

I have two module

  1. Contact which have email and phone number
  2. Create user in this module i have a multi-select field.How can i bind this multi-select with list of module of ‘Contact’

Please help.

Have a look here:

It may put you in the right direction of what you are trying to achieve.

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Thanks for reply,i cannot use this method because i cannot see the table of “Contact” in suitecrm database may it doesn’t make separate table for modules.

Is’nt suitecrm let us configure a list? that contains list of field’s value from a module in my case for example list of phonenumber from “Contact” module.

There is indeed a table called ‘contacts’ (but not ‘Contact’ <- note the capital ‘C’ and the missing ‘s’ at the end of the table name you are trying to use) in SuiteCRM and the way the system is built is that you have a main table for each module as well as an additional table for custom fields (still for each module), so, in the case of contacts this thable is called contacts_cstm. the _cstm table is created only if some custom fields are created.

If you have created a custom module called Contact, then your table name will be in the form key_modulename, where ‘key’ is a code you have assigned as initial of your module and modulename is the name of the module.

Please also note that table names are generally in lower case.

If you create your module programmatically without the use of Studio and Module Builder, you may probably be able to bypass the naming rules (lower case and key).

In any case I am not sure of what you are trying to achieve. The example I gave you, if modified appropriately, works perfectly.

Maybe you want to look into dropdowns (however these are static).