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Bind Database with suiteCRM


Someone know how to bind my database with suiteCRM ? Cause i have a database where people sing in, and i wanna collect data from my database to see it in suiteCRM…

Thanks !

It would help if you provided more details about your system. What is this database, is it MySQL? What API’s does it offer?

You are basically looking at integrating external data into your code, you will need an add-on (if one exists for your case, you will find it in the SuiteCRM Store) or you will need to develop some custom code in PHP.

Yes my database is Mysql.

So finally, i have a regstration programm (in html and php) and i wanna see my clients on suitecrm in the fact to manage it, and send documents to them. and approuve some options…


Maybe all you need is the web to person form?

You can find it in the Campaigns module, on the left menu.

With it, an HTML form creates a Contact in SuiteCRM. You can change whatever you want in your site, but that gives you a way to do an HTML post and create a record in SuiteCRM.

If you need more elaborate stuff, have a look at the new REST API v8.

yes, but how to bound my database and suitecrm ?

case after this step, i think i must use php files to take informations…


Forget Database binding. You want an integration at the application level, not on database level, otherwise you will be skipping all the business logic and the data validity requirements.

So you have a full SuiteCRM REST API to use from your app. You can do everything with it. Create, modify, list, delete…

If you need to have SuiteCRM take the initiative sometimes, then call your app’s API, if there is one, or create some HTTP entry-point just for that purpose.

Oh okay, so i didn’t understand the principal idea of SuiteCRM !

REST API is my basic installation, no ? Cause i can create account, remove and everything.

So to create an automatic sending, i must install others API ?

Thanks for your help !

It doesn’t sound like you are a developer… :slight_smile: which is ok, no problem, I just have to adjust my discourse.

An API is an Application Programmer’s interface. It’s a way to use the app without going through the user interface, the screens. It’s meant to be used by other programs.

You need a developer to design and implement an integration. Tell me if you want to be contacted by SalesAgility to hire these services.