Bidding manager ?

Every day my team received some invitation letter bid, have information:

  1. Investor name
  2. Subject have description about products and services want uses
  3. Bid closing date

If i want join, i will assigned to for some sales staff. After that, we wil prepair follow request proposal:

  1. Capacity profile (assign Sales assistant staff prepare) (need create check list document for all, timeline, prepare…)
  2. Tech proposal (assign Tech Staff prepare)
  3. Quotation…(assign Sales Staff prepare) (need submit for me Approved before printing)

Submit offline (printed, take to Investor address, open…), and watting result (may be affer two week. Fail or win)

So, suggest me how to manage in SuiteCRM. Thank you so much. Because it’s not Lead, account, contact or opportunity

Actually there are several ways to do it but I would suggest managing this with the Cases module.

Each bid is a Case

You can attach emails, control the state of the bid, assign out to each team member in sequence, etc. until eventually the Case is closed.

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Thanks, but Case need a account, and can’t monitor timeline

I have idea

I create public Account: “Biding2019”
When have new request proposal from any source, ex: Dell, i create a opportunity Dell. And assign task, follow…in this opportunity

That’s good ?

Yes, opportunities can be good, also. I think Cases links better with Email, though, and allows use of the AOP Portal. And it has “Case Updates threaded”.

On the other hand, it doesn’t integrate so well in to accounting (quotes, invoices, etc).

Your call!

I had created such system for one of my clients. Vendors were sent invitations to Bid against quotes that the Client had received, thus finalising the appropriate vendor in their specific role for the position to carry out the task. Vendors were kept updated through emails/sms if their bid was accepted or declined. Vendors has a specific page outside CRM (using entrypoint) where they would land( once the received invitation to bid via email) and see the Quote and submit their bid.

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