Better reporting

Finally got SuiteCRM up and running in our business but quickly finding the reporting is limited.

I need to be able to do sub reports in order to report on cases (with case updates). Ideally I would also like to add my own SQL queries if possible…

Does anyone know of the best/ most cost effective way to do this. I’m open to adding extensions but trying to keep costs to a minimum.

I should explain what I mean by a sub report for cases… I need the customer name case number, description & resolution… I also need the case updates. There is often multiple updates per case and when I add it to a standard report it duplicates the case information for each of the associated updates.

If this was done in crystal I would add the updates as a sub report.

Most of the additional modules I have seen are limited or super expensive. I’d be happy creating a report in something else (Crystal or Jasper) is someone knows how I can add or run them from the CRM.

I’m lost …help.

I had the same problem and for I opted to go with Alineasol, you can inject SQL in your fields and has a little more flexibility then the native reporting tool. I’m also planing to install Jasper on a virtual machine, connect it to the CRM and have even better reporting analytics.

I noticed an article saying that jasper reports had integrated with Sugar. Id this a real thing and does it work with SuiteCRM?

Would also be interested to know how your integration goes / how it was achieved.

may i know if this worked?

Although not the best reporting tool, we ended up using AlineaSol as we needed to add SQL. We have just updated to 7.9… and it no longer works. Can run reports but cant generate / export or create new ones.

The inbuilt reports still seems pretty weak. Any suggestions what we can use?

We are using AlineaSOL on 7.9.4 and still works great!

We are on 7.9.7 so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I have asked for clarification directly from AlineaSol so will clarify once they respond.

Reporting has always been a weak link in SuiteCRM. Using something like Crystal Reports is probably the most flexible way to go, but the SuiteCRM table structure is complex and documentation, scarce.

Since upgrading to 7.10.2 we have found Alineasol reports unusable so are going back to the drawing board.

I have no idea where to start so looking for recommendations.

We need to run a weekly report on cases for a number of customers. Due to there being potentially multiple case updates per case we have needed to inject SQL to create a sub report. Also handy for tidying up data.

The report needs to be emailed automatically every week in either pdf or csv format.

Any ideas?