Best way to announce a new version of a Software Release?

I am sure this is a dumb question. But what is the best way to announce a new version of a software release for existing customers? I thought it would be campaign, but that seems to only want non-customers. (Or I could be using it incorrectly!)

Ideally, I would keep an updated target list of my existing customers and send an email to that list when we release new versions. But I don’t quite have the CRM vernacular down with SuiteCRM.

Thanks for any suggestions / how-to’s.

Well Account has a field Account_type which could include customer. If being a ‘customer’ is binary and you’re not trying to distinguish between purchased products, couldn’t you just use Contacts referencing their account’s account_type?

Thanks jakorsme, I believe that would help identify them. But shouldn’t I be able to keep a target list for certain “customers?” And where do I compose the email for each release?

Well, the way I understand things, Targets by definition are not customers. They aren’t even leads yet. By the time the person/entity is a customer, they would be an Account/Contact pair.

Workflow for Suitecrm as I understand it is: Target => Lead => Contact/Account

Not sure I understand the email question.