Best Reporting Module recommendation?


I am looking for some suggestions on the best external reporting module available? I feel the default reporting module is too basic. I tried K Reports but it doesnt work with dashlets so thats an issue as i cant add the reports to my dashboards.

Wonder if there are any other suggestions, especially modules that allow you to create reports from “multiple modules”?


We use KReports Professional which allows Reports to be added as Dashlets.

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The more SuiteCRM upgrade their AOR report module the more we find it delivers great reports, charts & graphs and allows homepage display

We once used AlineaSOL but this soon became redundant thanks to the AOR handling all reports


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I am currently finding the inbuilt reporting module way too basic, not sure if I am not using it correctly. But here some of the main limitations:

  • Can’t generate reports with Multiple modules (k reports can)
  • The “conditions” apply to the whole report as opposed to one dataset, which means, if we wanted a report that shows in a single report, total no. of closed projects for each account and in the next row shows, closed projects above $20K (so the 20k condition only applies to this set of data) we cant do that. This eliminated most of the reporting possibilities, as we have to create a new report for very basic data as well.
  • Doesnt calculate % very well with totals, i.e. weighted average.

Wondering if any of the other tools deal with these issues?

Sometimes you need to use a BI tool and not the CRM report writer to accomplish your goals.
We sometimes use Jasper Reports to present visualisations in a Dashlet. The below example is an upsell report showing gaps in the services we may sell to clients. I show it only as an example of the possibilities with BI that inbuilt reporting tools just cannot produce (all of them)

If you want to produce reports like this you will need to:

  1. Install Jasperserver Community Edition on a server somewhere [free]
  2. Use something like Jasper Studio or iReports to build a report on your local PC (you then publish the report to your jasperserver). [free]
  3. Learn how to use the above
    You can then run the report by passing a URL. Put the URL in a Dashlet.

This thread reached at any descion yet?

which one is most suitable when it comes to best reportings in suite?

Kreports Pro version or Ireport + Jasper combo?

At Jortilles we have developed EDA wich is a Reporting Tool can wich can connect to any database. We’ve used to connect to SuiteCRM and the result is great. You can check it out at: or read the post:
Hope it helps

Hi @jortilles,

  • am I understanding correctly that your reporting tool is not available on premise?
  • are those 48€/month per user or per organization?
  • is the data mapping already completed, or does each client has to do that himself?
    • is the data mapping modifiable? I’m thinking of custom modules/custom relationships.
  • is your tool copying all tables (like an ETL) or does it run live queries against the production database?

Thanks for having a look, I could imagine most people here have similar questions.

Hi @crmspace .
The solution is available on premise. You can get it by:
docker run -p 80:80 jortilles/eda:latest-en
Manual Install - Everything is available on GIT:

  • The hosted version is 48 €/month per organisation. You can have as many users as you want. The limitation comes by connections. You can have 1.000 connections per month. This is to avoid heavy users in lightweight servers.
  • I’ve made the data mapping for my server. But if you want i can install it for you as well. Anyway the data mapping is editable, so, you can update it.
  • It just run live queries against any database. So you can run it against the production database ( as i made in my example) to have live results. Or, if you wish You can made any ETL and connect the EDA server to the resulting database.

Thanks for your interest

If you want i can make a demo for you and see this questions or any other.
Just email me at

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Many thanks, I’ve put a test on my to-do list! As soon as I have the time for it, I will post here/send you an email.

What would be the advantages over the integrated Pentaho analytics that come with SuiteCRM out-of-the-box?

Well… It is a good option aswell.
EDA gives you the possibility to make real time reports wich is interesting.
Also gives to you an user interface much more easy to allow end users make new reports much more easily .

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