Best practices for PDF Template Editing


I have been trying to get a quote PDF Template edited with some layout features that seem to be available, but seemingly don’t actually work when the PDF is rendered.

I have taken a peek at the code and it looks like all the tags get filtered out of the template during rendering. So for example: no centering will be done on any text or images

all text will be justified to the left…

anyone have any ideas on best template editing practices?


One quick solution to get it working is to insert the HTML directly into the database. the Editor strips tags and thus the result is not the same as expected.

I’ve fixed this for the Email templates screen, but not for the PDF’s.

Can you please tell me exactly where you are working on these PDF templates? I just want to make sure it’s the same place I’m thinking.


I haven’t explored that technique. Sounds like a winner though. I thought of extending the actual pdf generation with my own tags that would center elements. but I will check out the db method. Made me wonder why the stripping of tags occurs in he design of things as why would the design of putting them in be needed if they are just going to be stripped… above my pay grade. :wink:



bravo on your work. I see your busy and I like to see the improvements. I still have not left the quote system as it is quite important to get the quotes all “perfect”. In doing so I did create a edge to edge Header image that had all my text / images centered. but of course this doesn’t fix the dynamic data that is needed to be centered. stoked that the email generation is getting inspected.

hmm. Sweet stuff all around. :thinking:

Whoo hoo