Best practices for extending/developing themes?

Just spun up an instance of Suite and I’ve found some nitpicks with the default theme, most things can be fixed by updating the css for the sub-theme. I went ahead and followed this blog post for creating a new subtheme that would contain my nitpicks. I was able to create and select my theme, except none of my color overrides are being used. I’ve gone so far as to set all 80+ colors in the palette to black with no change. I’ve used the manual method of compiling scss as mentioned in the blog post, does not update the color palette, and I have updated the Build Robo task to recognize my subtheme, also does not update the color palette. Even went so far as to trigger a quick rebuild/repair, no change subtheme is still the one I selected when my account was created, yet the selection box shows the new subtheme as selected.

  1. Is there a resource that outlines theme development for Suite , starting from the begining?
  2. What are some best practices for modifying a theme, how do we keep those changes persistent?

I think is a cache issue. Try using a different browser to see if changes are displayed. If not, you might need to delete .css files under folder \cache\themes\SuiteP\css\ (I’ll recommend to create a backup that folder before deleting)

BTW: Check this link to see if you are missing some details on your subthteme:

Looks like deleting style.css did the trick, wonder why the robo and scss tasks didn’t overwrite the file, I’ll have to look into permissions.

For some reason those files are not overwrite. I spend two months trying to solve the issue until I deleted those files. I’m glad I was able to help.