Best integrated marketing automation platform

Recent SuiteCRM convert from the beast that is S****force. Looking at marketing automation solutions - both paid and free. Would like to poll the community for what works well and what you like.

Here is what I want to accomplish/use case scenarios:
For clarity, I’ll define a campaign as series of messages stored in individual email templates for example.

  1. Create a campaign that sends welcome email, then 3 days later email #2, 7 days later email #3, 7 days later email #4, etc. Assign leads to the “campaign”. Let it run and each new opt-in starts the series with welcome & #1, 2, 3, etc This is not a blast campaign

  2. Create & run a campaign based on an action taken by a site visitor. Prospect enters data and downloads swag #3. Opts into Swag 3 list and gets weekly email related to the same topic.

  3. Prospects must be able to be a part of more than one campaign at a time. Not 1:1. One person might be receiving information from all 3 campaigns above.

  4. Inactive tracking: I want to run a report for anyone who has not opened a message in X days and be able to remove them from the series/my active list.

Pretty basic stuff overall. What would you recommend that will integrate with SuiteCRM? Thank you!

You might want to look into the Workflow module to see if it will meet your need?

I can’t answer your questions specifically because I don’t know the Campaigns module well enough, but I would also recommend sticking with SuiteCRM and nothing else, if that is possible.

I personally played with Mautic integrating with SuiteCRM, but then I realized that a CRM tool with Campaigns shouldn’t need any 3rd party tool to send emails. There’s a good chance that everything you need is already there.

You might need to add some functionality with code, but please do and then give it back to the community. The effort you put into that is probably similar to the effort it would take to integrate with some 3rd party tool.

Someone already did the job for you! No need to worry about the coding or fixing bugs anymore. Have you heard about eVolpe from Poland? They have been informing about Mautic and SuiteCRM integration for some time already. I recently had the chance to speak with them and they are very approachable and kind answering all the questions. You should give it a try contacting them directly. here’s some info

Mautic’s Sugar plugin works perfectly with Suite.

Some extra information, my previous answer was quite succinct and incomplete… :unsure:

I can confirm that Suite-Mautic integration “works” and is bidirectional as per Mautic 2.13.
I have conducted many tests and we are about to start using it in production.

However there are a number of small bugs that make it tricky to sync some specific field types (Mautic Points, Suite Booleans, Suite-Mautic Select fields and others)
Also some behaviours are now as expected.

Mautic 2.14 includes some improvements and fixes but I am not using it yet (was out of beta a week ago)

However the main issue with some field types didn’t make it to this release, hopefully it will be included and the integration will be far smoother after that.

Keep in mind that this integration can only sync Mautic contacts to Suite Leads. There is not yet any developement (that I’m aware of) for integrating Suite Contacts.