Best IDIOTS Guide to creating a logic hook.


OK. I’m utterly useless at programming… So can people point me to the most basic rudimentary and simplistic links on the net for creating and implementing logic hooks. The dumber the better probably :slight_smile:

When I create a meeting I can associate a task with it, I can also associate a Account with the meeting. (the Account from the Relate To: Field) so that’s fine. But when I save it it shows the account, but in the accounts subpanel on Meetings and the Task Subpanel on Meetings it doesn’t show the task or the account. When I go into Accounts and look up that customer it doesn’t show the meeting.

So I think I need to make a couple of logic hooks to be able to link the account info after save? I guess so that it then somehow send the data back to the other module and does the association?

I tried this… but it didn’t work… I literally cut n paste the two sets of text into the relevant files, did a rebuild and hoped :slight_smile: but no luck :slight_smile:

SuiteCRM 7.4.3

Hope someone can point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

With respect to logic hooks you can start having a look here: