Best Enhanced Version

Who has the best enhanced version of suite CRM—who has the best enhanced version of this crm? is that how open source code works? can somene let know the best enhanced version where we can further develop? we need the ability to associate our twillio account with the system

we need markeitng …2 way sms— inbound and outbound call
marketing templetes-- funnels

anyone know of this --so we do not have to build up fron scratch?

That’s not how it works, no, at least not for this project.

The best code is the main project, SuiteCRM 7.10.6 at the moment.

Then you can use add-ons from the SuiteCRM Store.

After that, you’re left to doing code developments. But these are often simple to do and not very expensive.

Ok so if I do Suite CRM as saas I don’t have to give away what I enhanced to whoever asks for one user unsupported?e

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Are you asking a question about SuiteCRM licensing?

Or about how you manage your own code releases and customers?

anyone that enhances suite crm must pass it on

how has the best enhanced verison

No, where did you get that idea?

You misunderstand the license.