Benefits versus Drawbacks of Themes?

One thing that struck me right away about Sugar/SuiteCRM is that the interface is a bit, well, ugly/outdated looking. But really the functionalility is what is important. The default layouts are not well designed for today’s high resolution monitors as the tables end up being way wider than they need to be. I see this can be overcome by rearraning them into two or more columns so they are not so wide. A couple questions though:

Do themes control layout, or just colors/fonts/icons, etc.?

In looking at some of these threads, it seems not all themes work well. Seems to be if you are changing themes you are just introducing another possilble cause of issues. Are there one or two extremely popular themes out there that a lot of people use that offer both a worthwhile upgrade to the link and feel while offering a bulletproof experience as far as no issues even through upgrades?

Hi jcrist,

As SugarCRM/SuiteCRM is such a large project, many aspects of the application modify and contribute to the layout of the theme.

You can create a new theme, and this will change most of the ‘asthetic’ aspects of the theme i.e. fonts/colours/menus, but you need to modify the detail/edit/list/search/popup views to change the way these are structured in other areas of the application.

It is not straightforward, but can be done with the right knowledge.



So the theme you build I would expect you would update as needed with future versions of SuiteCRM to insure compatibility.

It it basically the case with 3rd party themes that you would risk running into incompatibility issues down the road when upgrading as opposed to using the built-in theme?

Basically I like this theme a lot better:

However you can see in the reviews that there were/are issues.

Skytizens Purchased 8:42 am October 2nd, 2014
Very nice theme, but not compatible with SuiteCRM (should be, I asked about this before) - bugs, does not work with Advanced Open Sales - CSS problems. After upgrade to 209 - mess, some buttons does not work, sub-panels disappear in all modules, etc… 2 stars because of nice design.
Waiting for stable & tested release.
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datamain Provider 2 months ago
I’d like to apologize, but we have encountered an error in version 209.
We solved the problem and it is available the new version: MetroThemePro_2092
After installing the upgrade remember to run Admin -> Repair -> Quick repair
And delete the browser cache
Thank you and I will remain at your disposal for further support

Hi jcrist,

You shouldn’t run into compatibility issues if the theme has been built correctly and to accommodate all aspects/views within the CRM.

I am focussing on building a responsive theme utilising the latest technologies such as the Bootstrap framework and vector font icons here, so you may wish to take a look and give your thoughts.