Beginners requirement for SuiteCRM development setup

Hello Everyone,

I am relatively new to SuiteCRM and i have been trying to figure it out (the code that i forked from github). But couldn’t get much out of the documentation that might help me getting deeper inside the code.

But before that i do like to know about how to setup the development environment and from where should i start?

My employer wants to use SuiteCRM as backend/database for a project (so i might need to extend the database as well) and expose it with rest APIs to communicate with the front-end.

But first of all i need to understand the code really well and start debugging it.

Initially i want to host it in my virtual machine for development purpose. I will be using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and apache server (i think so!) for development purposes.

So it will be great if anyone can help me out in this situation and provide me some form of better documentation.

Thank you.

Follow this

Thank you for the link. Can you also suggest me some documents to understand the code? And can i use Visual Studio Code for development purpose? How do you run the application from the IDE, and start debugging it?

I use VS Code for SuiteCRM and it works pretty well for me. I’d recommend the PHP Intelephense extension ( for getting “Go to definition” and other IDE-style features.

For understanding the code, I’d just start by reading through some of the developer docs ( and maybe browsing some of the pull requests that have been merged recently. You can also just browse the code to try and understand it, unfortunately that’s the best I’ve got >.<

Oh, and make sure you contribute to the hotfix-7.10.x branch if you fix any bugs (unless the functionality was introduced with 7.11), we usually merge into hotfix-7.10.x (which gets released as 7.10.x), then merge that into hotfix (released as 7.11.x), then develop/master (future versions like 7.12 or 8.0).

I tried with the PHP intellisense, whenever i load VSCode from the root folder it gives a big error. I tried to fix that by setting VSCode default php intellisense to false, but it didn’t work.

By the way in which port are you running the debugger? Do you use XDebug or something else?

Can you please also provide the detailed instructions that you used while setting up VSCode for suitecrm?

Sorry for the late response.

I don’t actually use a debugger in VS Code, so I’m not sure how to set that up. I think you may want to disable some of the native PHP functionality built into VS Code, it might be conflicting with the Intelephense extension.

Unfortunately without more info I’m not sure what else might help. I don’t really have anything custom set up, as far as I can tell.