BCC email address to archive to SuiteCRM contact?

Is it possible to use a 3rd party client to add a BCC address that archives an email into a specific Contact?

Just to be clear what I’m looking for. For instance, a salesperson is emailing a customer using Apple Mail. When they enter in the email address of the customer, they also enter in an email address into the BCC field that goes to the associated contact in SuiteCRM. So that when it is sent to the client, it ends up archived in SuiteCRM, associated with that contact.

The CRM that we are migrating away from (Batchbook) had this functionality. Salesforce has it. And the project management software we use also has this functionality.

The documentation for SugarCRM Professional 7.9 refers to this feature as “Email Archiving”, sometimes referred to as “SNIP”.

Is there a way to enable this feature with SuiteCRM? Is there a paid plugin that provides this functionality? Is there a better way to do this?

See the snip_import_emails of the sugarcrm 6.5 developer guide page 380 (whatever’s in that guide is available in suitecrm), unless i’m mistaken i think that’s what you’re looking for

ok, I found reference to the [color=#bb0044]snip_import_emails[/color] API function in the Sugar Developer Guide 6.5 here: http://support.sugarcrm.com/files/317538cc-6bff-11e7-916c-067914c4cb97.pdf

It says it is “Used to import an email record from the SNIP archiving service.”
What is the SNIP archiving service and how do I use it?

I’m not really sure what to do with this information.

My mistake sorry about that, it looks like it’s not available for community edition… I’d see if a plug-in is available

I have one product ready for this.


It also include email subject and Body for any email.

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