BBC in email system in order to list it under account or opportunity

Dear all!
I am using SuiteCrm in 5 different company (we are a group) as Unique CRM. I would like to know if there is a possibility, as in different Crm system, to store some email in CRM.
The scenario should be this:

  • User send an email to a Reciver from his norma Email System (outlook, gmail, pop, imap …whatever). Put in BBC (hide copy) a specific email, for example
  • SuiteCRM receive it and process under the “receiver” email address if match with and Account in CRM

and …pro …would be …

  • Suite CRM read the Object and connect it also to a specific Opportunities thanks to be ID Number mentioned with specific layout in Object

I have read the email session …but I am not sure if I did understood all
Thanks for your help or giving me a “direction”

Have a Great Weekend

There is free plugin for this…