Basic Installation 7.0.1 Initial Findings

Here’s a quick list of item prequisites I encountered which may help others get through a bit quicker.

Note: I’m loading a fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.0.1 on my own private VPS. I have no prior experience with SugarCRM and just want to evaluate to see if it meets my needs for a small development/integration business of mine.

A) After SuiteCRM file images has been uploaded & Prior to running the installation/setup: “install.php”

  1. Ensure the permissions settings are set to 755 as follows:
    a) root directory
    b) 1st level subdirectories of root
    c) 1st level files of root

If this requirement is not met you will typically receive the
error: "Internal Server Error 500:

  1. Ensure you have a mysql database (or the others supported where appropriate) setup:
    a) Database name
    b) administrator/user of the previously defined database with full permissions.

  2. Memory:
    a) at least 256MB and greater especially if your going to populate the database with the sample data provied.
    b) Note: you may need access to php.ini to increase limits if necessary. This may not be possible for those on shared plans, but still may be doable by contacting the admin folks. It all depends on your actual host plan relationship.

B) Running the actual install:

a) run the install script where you’ve uploaded the particular image (ie.\SuiteCRM\install.php)

b) System runs integrity test to verify you have the correct environment for the install (php/mysql ect.
Note: I first went to the SugarCRM 6.5.x docs to find out what the actual install specs were. Could have be a bit more explicit on the SuiteCRM site for those new to the application. Or at least I did find it.

c) Once I had everything inplace and satisfied all the above the system ran to completion.

Note: Not sure if this was just on my system, but I did not receive specific feedback the install had successfully completed. (I uploaded the demo database in my case) However, I could see from phpmyadmin that tables where built and populated. Just was not sure if it had finished. I logged in and my screens seem functional. As I use the system more I’ll be able to tell.

C) After Logging In I received the following errors/warnings. Note: These may be non-issues or known work arounds by the more expereienced set but here goes.

  1. Security Suite Addon out of Sync:

a) It’s a purchased addon for SugarCRM which I don’t think I really need at the moment. Mainly, I’ll be working in a single-user environment. I’ll ignore for now (?), but I’ll need to investigate this later. (I’ve attached a screen shot)

  1. Repair Screen for Build Relationships, Extensions and config file.

a) I ran these and clear the warnings.

  1. Update DataChart Cache | .htaccess.

a) Could not seem to clear these. However, in looking at SugarCRM docs, this seems to be an artifact of the demo database which I installed. At least this is what I think.

After all these. I believe I’m ready to start using for my evaluation. If anyone has additional thoughts let me know.



I have an update to my initial post. First off, my suspicion was correct that SuiteCRM never successfully finished installation. What I was seeing was a php exception spillout due to not enough memory allocated for php.

Sympton was no demo data in the table in the dashboards or from myphpadmin dash. Here’s what I did to reinstall again:

  1. I set the locked flag to false in config.php,
  2. deleted and recreated by db again.
  3. Ran the install again and received feedback that is was a success.

I’ve include a screen capture as follows:

Now I’ll be able to begin my evaluation.


Attached is the File which seems to missing from previous post

Screen Capture too Large. which I’m finally noticing.

You can always try to upload the image to a site like imgur and link it here.

Regarding the issue with the securitySuite. It is a free module which also happens to be paid with additional features.
SuiteCRM comes with the free version. You can update this module by downloading the newest version from here. Please note that you’ll need to do a quick repair and rebuild & fix relationships after install the update.

Hi Scott,

It seems that your permissions are not correct. Please set the following permissions on your SuiteCRM directory:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .

sudo chmod -R 755 .

sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

After doing this, please rebuild your config. You may wish to re-run the installer.




Thanx. That did the trick. I downloaded the latest “6516 Basic SecuritySuite” at the link you provided.


Hi Will,

My VPS host ( is telling me that because I am using DSO as a php handler it is a big security risk to change all of these folders to being writeable. Is this true? If so, what is a good workaround? Also, do I need to change this command sudo chown -R www-data:www-data . to use my admin username?

Hi visibilityone,

We cannot confirm this. Can your host advise and recommend what permissions to set?