Basic Calculated Fields?


So yes I’m trying to get a field to auto calculate in the quotes module so that I can set a deposit amount which will be a % of total cost.

I am a bit lost in what my options on to develop this and how this might work in SuiteCRM. My understanding is the “calculated fields” are not part of this version, which is a pity, but is there any guidance on how to do this ?

I have tried looking at CustomAgingField.pdf, which is knocking about, but its a good few years old and as such Im not sure if its me or the version that cant get that approach to work (looks like there are outdated array fields). The other option Is logic hooks ? Which Im struggling with.

All I want to do is for a user to enter a value e.g. 25 in a field and another value to calculate 25% of the total, which feels really simple :).

Any ideas ? Anyone come across this ?



Ok I figured out how to use the logic hook upon save so alls good…

Is there any word on anything equivalent to Calculated Fields in future releases of SuiteCRM ?

I’d be interested in having this feature as well.

Calculated fields are not planned for SuiteCRM.

Hi Will, does this apply to Dependent fields too?

Hi Pete,

These are not on the roadmap, as we plan on enhancing current modules for future SuiteCRM versions. This does not stop others contributing or building on SuiteCRM, as it is a fully open source community driven project.



Hello, I think that foregoing calculated fields will end up being a pretty big shortcoming. Would you be able to tell us why you plan to leave them out? Correct me if I am wrong, but CRM seems to be the all-in-one place to organize leads, opportunities, and ultimately sales. With sales come commission, and without calculated fields, there is no way to derive this slightly-important figure. Without calculated fields, you are forced to use alternative/additional software, thus (in my opinion) reducing the overall usefulness of the CRM.

Developing something similar to sugar logic in sugar pro (which is the calculated fields your talking about ) would not be easy. I think its just a case of not having the resources to develop, test and maintain that at this time. Nobody is saying it will never be considered.

I fixed up this functionality using logic hooks on save which solved this problem.

I think something similar to Sugar Logic would be a great addition however I can see that its probably a lot of work to make happen.

It would be great to get suitecrm to be usable for quotes / invoice and beyond etc but for us things get a bit complex as is, as we need things like versioning in quotations (when prices change), we also can have different units on the same invoice e.g. m or pcs. Also shipping needs to be factored into product prices etc. We are also a small company so cant really get someone in for this.

But hey suitecrm is way ahead of what else is available for nothing. So thanks to all involved.

You could always hire SalesAgility to do it for you :woohoo:


could you share with everyone how you did it?




How much would you charge to develop this feature? How long would it take to get it implemented?


I could’nt say off the top of my head, the process goes like this:

You would have to contact us and make an official enquiry, then our business analyst would arrange to have a discussion with you. A spec for the proejct would then be drawn up based on that discussion. You would then have to sign off on that spec and we would have to schedual in a time when the project would be developed. There is currently a big lead time of projects because we are so busy.

Hi, can you tell us how you worked around it with the logic hooks?

Sure. I made this doc. Maybe better information out there though…


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