Base products and services purchased on invoices, not quotes

Hi! I have successfully linked out company’s invoices created in SAGE into SuiteCRM, we are not using Quotes etc at this time.

I would like a user to be able to view what products the customer has bought, however i note that the products and services purchased is based on the quotes module.

What would be the best way to make this work, backfill quotes with info from invoices, or amend the code for products and services purchased to look at invoices instead?

It’s a great feature, though I am surprised it’s based on speculative data rather than confirmed data!

Product and Services Purchased subpanel is displayed under Accounts Module. In Accounts module, the subpanel is defined at


check the products_services_purchased Index which has following code

 'products_services_purchased' => array(
            'order' => 104,
            'module' => 'AOS_Products_Quotes',
            'subpanel_name' => 'ForAccounts',
            'get_subpanel_data' => 'function:getProductsServicesPurchasedQuery',

The function used for the Subpanel query is defined at modules/Accounts/Account.php

The subpanel fields which are listed are defined in the subpanel file at


I hope it clears how a this subpanel is setup.

Hi fireb1adex

Can you share some info on how you connected Sage and SuiteCRM? We are looking at doing the same but not sure where to start. We can start separate thread so as not to confuse your original post. Let me know.


Yes - skype me - play.chris.barlow