bad links generated by report

I created an opportunity report in SuiteCRM, and when I check the Link checkbox in the report layout editor to make one of the fields a hypertext link and then view a report, the field is a hypertext link, but the generated link doesn’t work. Here is an example URI generated for these links:


It’s a very simple mistake: the slash just after index.php should be just before it, and then the URL would work.

Has anyone seen this before? Can you tell me how to fix it?



That was a few releases ago, and in Version 7.9.8, the exact same thing is still happening. Any suggestions for addressing it?

Perhaps this ?

Will suggests setting site_url in the config.php file found in the root of suitecrm.

check for missing forward slash in your site address…

That sounds logical, but I don’t see a config.php file in /bitnami/apps/suitecrm. I see some in its subdirectories, but none of them set site_url. Can you tell me where I would do this? (Is it different under bitnami?)



Bitnami may organize the files differently…

Check in the root of a dir with a name like “public” or the root of the dir published by the web server.

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Thanks, this worked! I got more than I bargained for–2 slashes between “.com” and “index.php” instead of one, as I was hoping for, but at least the links work.