I know how to back up teh entire suiteCRM site and the DB. even have that automated.

what I want to know is how do I cut the suiteCRM file back up to only include the modification I have made. ie I want the config, uploaded files, logo’s etc only.

If I want to have a clean site ie install a fresh version of 7.7 on a new server but don’t want to manually config everything again. Which directories do I need to back up.

Maybe you’ve got the wrong end of my question.

I don’t need to know how to do incremental back ups.

I want to know how to migrate to a new server be it windows or linux, AWS and keep my customisations, attachements, every change I’ve made to the CRM and all the data the users have entered.
I need a copy of the database - check
What folders store the modifcations I’ve made - logo’s, colour changes, menu order, additional fields etc
What folders store any attachements?

I’ve got an issue with the current system were it isn’t running scheduled reports, won’t delete a schedule or a report. I’ve had numerous issues with file permissions even following the guides. and to top it off due to a Human Error one of our system administrators dropped out serverfarm (Hard) and there seems to be an issue with the server now. So due to many factors I’d like to deploy a new VM and migrate to it. What I don’t want is all the issues coming with the important data.

The current install was the first for us, so we’ve gone through the learning on this build and I’m sure a nice clean install will go well for us. this goes for moving service providers for our compute or even migrating to an AWS instance.

theres documents on installing, removing and upgrading, none on migrating (that I’ve found)

So this is very specific to SuiteCRM and nothing to do with the backup utility in use.

Any help is appreciated.

Before making a move on live server you should learn how to move in local server (making a duplicated site but with different name/folder) so you will get all the required knowledge before going live.
There is now easy path to do what you want to do. It will be more difficult if you have created new fields or custom modules or made changes non upgrade safe.

Now the path to go:
If you want to move just the data you will have to export each module contents (using admin / export in the old site) and then import the exported CSV files to the new site (admin/import or open each module + import).
Note: choose Salesforce format when importing and verify the fields to import.


  • If you have made some file changes you will also need to export on Suite Studio.
  • Some changes are not upgrade safe so you could need to do it again manually.

Why not update it all to 7.7 ? Just test, maybe you will find it easier!
If you want to move your actual instance to a new server you need to:

Step A - Database (export/import)

Step B - Files (Copy Filesystem = no new installation on new server)

  • copy all the actual suitecrm instance (all folders)
  • place it in the new server (in your domain www root).

Step C - New paths

Step D - New paths

  • Check .htaccess file
  • Check folder Permissions (its different if server is Windows or Linux)

Step D - Login
Login to SuiteCRm new server instance, go to admin screen and run Repair / Quick repair and rebuild.

Now this is the basic info, each server may have its own issues.
You can read more here:

Thanks Horus,

Upgrading to 7.7 didn’t fix any issues, I wish it was that simple.

Good new is that all changes made are upgrade safe :), really only added new fields.

Much appreciate the reponse. I guess there is no way to do this via a script at the back end considering the approach is to manually export from the admin pages.

a bit tedious but simple enough.

Hmm - sounds silly but I don’t seem to be able to find “Admin/Export”

I can see "import wizard "

Sorry, it was my brain making a wish list!

You have to go to each module, select all records, use the arrow on the “delete” button (!) to find the Export menu!
The import can be done on each module or in the admin / import wizard.

Note: I start with users, then accounts

I recently did a similar migration (with success). My approach was a bit different:

  1. Install a new Ubuntu VM with SuiteCRM from scratch with the exact same SuiteCRM version as my old server.

  2. Export the full database on my old server, and import it on the new, via phpMyAdmin.

  3. Copy the files from the custom directory from old to new (all the customizations, either from Studio or manual, are there). Watch out: if you started your SuiteCRM instance before 7.2 (not sure which, but around 7.2) your custom directory will still have a bunch of stuff from the SalesAgility modules (AOW, AOD, etc.). It’s best not to copy this, copy just your own stuff. Check Github to see what belongs to the base install.

  4. Copy the files from upload directory from old to new (attachments, documents, photos, etc).

This is the basic procedure but of course there were several things to fix along the way, mostly permissions related. Good luck.

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