Backup Solution

Hi All,

I run SuiteCRM in A VMware Virtual machine with Veeam Community version to back it up, everything works fine.
I had a power interruption and SuiteCRM was corrupted. Veeam worked and I restored the Virtual Machine perfectly.
However it started me thinking, Is there an automated backup solution specifically for SuiteCRM that backs up the application’s data, rather than the VM? What would yo recommend?



do you already know this article?

it describes how to backup the file system and the database. With those backups you can recreate your CRM completely.

Thanks for that, I was more thinking of an automated backup solution that kicked off at, say, 2 am and backed up the Data without you having to do anything manually.

you can issue these commands with a cron job ( automatically in a given frequency, windows would have similar tools (“task scheduler”).

excellent thanks

“have a good day” but a better evening