Backing Up and Customisation


I’m new to SuiteCRM… please go easy on me!

Can anyone point me towards best practice on managing and customisation?

I’ve worked with Wordpress and creating child themes in the past, to preserve customisation when upgrading etc. I’m interested to learn if there is a similar process in SuiteCRM. So far I’ve added custom fields, and used Studio to amend fields and layouts. It would be useful to know before I get in deeper!

Any help greatfully received.

I’m using Version 7.10 beta-3



Hi, welcome!

If you customize code, you can read this first

The changes you do inside SuiteCRM, from Module Builder and Studio, are already done in the custom folder, so you shouldn’t have to worry.

Oh… that’s great. Thank you.

The link was missing, I edited my post.

That is very useful. Thank you. So the custom folder acts as a kind of child. Sounds good.