Backed up, rebuilt server and reinstalled. Some user accounts no longer work

I have been working with Suite CRM for 4 months on an intranet, really like it. Not had many problems that I could not solve. I took down my server at the weekend and rebuilt it over Easter and loaded everything back on with new hardware (disks) but same OS and processor. The last step was to get Suite CRM up and running again in the same location. I loaded all of the files back into the root of the web host, created a new database and uploaded the old database to it. Used the same credentials as the former installation. So technically it should be identical. I can log into the site with my admin user name. But not with the regular user name. That does not seem to work. The account is still in the site though, I have changed the password and checked it twice. Still cannot log in with that account. Am I missing something?
All of the data is there as far as I can see, and I can login as the administrator and see everything. It feels like I have missed something obvious, but cannot see what it is.

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Did you see any erros into log of web server (apache, nginx or ect)?
What message from SuiteCRM did you see when logging in?

No I did not see any errors other than the user name / password box indicated that one or the other was incorrect even though I had reset it. I found out this morning after rebooting the server that the SuiteCRM site was no longer accessible unlike yesterday. Further investigation into this showed that I had not correctly set up the user for file names and directory tree to the required httpdusr. Once I did that it all worked ok. I can now login using any of the users and it has reverted back to how it was before I took the site down. I cannot explain how I was able to access it yesterday but not this morning. Anyway it is all fixed and working. Many thanks for the prompt reply. In this case it was a Linux file and group permissions problem when restoring the site. So really outside of Suite CRM.

Hey @Wingers if you’re new to SuiteCRM the #1 go-to problem solver to try first is re-set permissions. Especially, when moving installations, updating, etc. The #2 fix-all is a quick repair and re-build. If you’ve done those two things, then generally it’s a more complex problem. Sounds like re-setting permissions worked for you. There’s a great little file on github called chperms.php. If you drop it in your home directory and just run it via browser it fixes all your permissions quickly.

Thanks for the feedback @pstevens that is good to know. Yes I am new to it all. It has been a pretty good experience so far, I have managed to create custom records and other things by wading through the documentation. I had not moved an installation before, I did have some issues, again around permissions when I set it up originally, so I should have realised sooner.