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Azure AD SAML SSO configuration

Hi Guys,

I’m stuck configuring the SAML SSO following the guide along with few others. Spent 5 hours and decided to reach out for help.

Tried installing running SuiteCRM installation in docker by Bitnami (Linux VM) version 7.8.x and a regular Azure Web Service with version 7.9.1

I set the login URL, logout URL and certificate properties on SuiteCRM password manager, go to my suite login page, it redirects me to Microsoft sing in page, but it shows an error:
Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in.
We received a bad request.

Additional technical information:
Correlation ID: f10c3677-8567-4ec0-91f2-3f3794e57194
Timestamp: 2017-06-20 04:27:59Z
AADSTS75005: The request is not a valid Saml2 protocol message.
My customer requires the SSO with Azure AD.

What am I missing?

Is anyone running a Suite CRM on premise with Azure Active Directory SSO?


I literally just got this working a few minutes ago. Nothing special needs to be done except you know modify a few files, etc since the SAML2 authentication module is outdated and doesn’t work with Azure AD out of the box.

I will be doing a write up very soon on how I was able to get this to work. Please give me 48 hours or so and I will reply with a link to my blog showing how I made it work.


Well I guess my under 48 hours was met…

Please check out the following blog entry for getting SuiteCRM Single Sign on with Azure AD working:




Hi David,

Thank you so much buddy! Sorry for my delayed thank you. I was hiking is Utah without access to my computer and credentials to this forum.
Good job figuring this out. Can’t wait to implement.


Hey, can you please renew the link to the article? Its not available anymore :frowning:


Got any link buddy??

The link is not working
Is there any documentation to solve this ?