Ay known issues upgrading from Version 7.8.17 to Upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.8.20 LTS

Before I do the upgrade, I wanted to check if there are any known issues upgrading from Version 7.8.17 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) to the upgrade package SuiteCRM 7.8.20 LTS using SuiteCRM-Upgrade-7.8.x-to-7.8.20.zip

I’m running on unbuntu Linux uname -a gives 4.4.0-119-generic #143-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 2 16:08:24 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Thanks in advance

Nothing very specific comes to mind. But your question is hard to answer, there are so many changes to the code in 3 versions. Obviously 99% of them have a positive impact, but it is always possible that a few bugs creep in.

Do you have a test environment where you try out the upgrade? The important thing is to check behaviors for the functions that are critical to you. It’s great to have a clone and experiment before changing your production system.


Thanks for that, It’s running in a virtual environment, so I can clone it, then upgrade. I should pick up the dramatic problems, like not working!, but not the subtle ones.

Oh, good to hear that.

If I may suggest something - if you have some developer abilities yourself, or have someone in your company that does, consider adding some tests to our automated tests.

You can focus on the features that are most critical to you, and this way you would help the project while, at the same time, assuring robustness where it most matters to your business.

Completing test coverage for SuiteCRM will be a huge undertaking, very important, and will definitely require Community involvement.

I wish I was a developer, but I’m just a lowly sysadmin. I’ll let you know of any issues though, for the next person doing the upgrade.