Avoid "Rebuild JS Grouping Files" when developing

I’m trying to fix some bug related with modules/Emails/javascript/EmailUICompose.js but every change I do a “Rebuild JS Grouping Files” is required to see changes in browser.

Any way to avoid this rebuild every time?

I have enabled “Developer mode” but this doesn’t work for this.

Thank you

I don’t know the answer, but this how I’d do it:

  • write a crazy string like “zdroings” into a comment in that file, then Rebuild
  • search all files and folders for that string, to see where the generated file is
  • while still developing, make the changes directly into that generated file, until you reach a definitive version. Enjoy the fact that your changes don’t require rebuilds while developing…
  • now go make the changes in the original file and rebuild, just once