Automation workflow issue

Hi, i’m new to this world. I’ve tried to create a workflow on creating new lead, sending email 2 minutes after it’s creation, but it doesn’t running. Timezone is set on Europe/Roma +01:00, cron job is activated on my server. How can i fix this problem? Below other screenshoots of the workflow.

It’s not the same as i need

So what i’m looking at there is you’ve set up a condition to send an email based on the following

That a field is set to ‘Facebook’
That the name is set to ‘test’
That Cognome is set to ‘test’
And that the date created is minus two minutes.

Those conditions are never going to be met…

What i would do is create a field in studio on the Leads module with a DATE&TIME value - this does not need to be shown to the user, this is just for the system to count your two minutes.

Then create a workflow module that will ADD in that date + time value of +2 minutes based on the value of the Creation date & time.

So we’ve now got a field in the Leads module that is going to be updated with +2 minutes on top of the Date Time Created.

Then create a separate workflow module that will send an email based on the DATE&TIME value you added in via studio

So your conditions will look like

1st Workflow

  1. When LEAD is created with a date value greater than ‘YESTERDAY’ (means it will always trigger on every lead)

  2. THEN update LEAD record with DATE&TIME value +2minutes

So now we have our time stamp that you can use for the next workflow - Triggering the email.

2nd Workflow

  1. When the LEAD date_time field is equal to field date_time
  2. Send email

Give that a try and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying, i’ve tried but was sent two emails at the same time even if the condition for the second workflow.