Automatically selecting items in a related subpanel

Hello Everybody! Thanks for taking a second to look at this.

I have a question that I feel is probably very easy, but I’m just a moron: I have users working in three modules (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities), and I would like the subpanels for all three to be shown in their detail views. Obviously, this works for accounts detail view, and I have the accounts subpanel showing with the account automatically selected in both Contacts and Opportunities. My issue is having the Contacts and Opportunities data showing in the other’s detail view.

I’ve got the subpanels showing, and the data can be selected by the user, but that is kind of cumbersome. I’d like the user to see the same information - without having to input or select any of it again - on all three detail views.

Is this possible? I feel like I’m most of the way there, but can’t overcome this last thing.

Thank you for any help you may give!

I’m running 7.7.1 on a Linux backend, if that’s important.