Automatically selecting items in a related subpanel (Under Opportunities, having Contact subpanel show Contacts from Accounts)

Hello everybody! As it says in the incredibly long subject: I have a pretty standard setup: the user needs access to three basic modules: Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. What I’d like is for them to be able to work a file from the detail view of any of those pages. I’ve edited the Layoutdefs and got the subpanels showing, and Accounts (as it would) automatically shows the parent account the contact/opportunity is under. However, the other two (Contacts subpanel under Opportunities, and Opportunities subpanel under Contacts) need to have the data selected.

The relationship is stock (Many to Many), and when the user moves to select, it already has the selection refined by the Account. What I’d like is to have these subpanels filled out - to have the selections automatically made.

Sorry, this is kind of vague. Essentially, I’m looking to have all the same data on all three detail pages without the user having to do anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance!