Automatically creating a record in a module when you create a record in the another module

Hello all,

I want such a functionality that it should automatically create a record in a particular module when you create a record in the another module.

Is there any way to achieve it?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, it’s called “Workflows”

Cool! Could you please give few steps to achieve that functionality?

Sorry, no, I’ve already written documentation on this and I don’t think I need to write it again. Just read, play around, you’ll learn, it’s not that hard.

Thank you pgr! I will try it out.

To get your started:

  1. Go to Admin, Developer Tools, Workflow Manager.
  2. Create Workflow.
  3. Enter Name. For example, For new Opportunity create Call. This will be your 2 modules.
  4. For this example: Workflow module: Opportunities.
  5. Run on: New records.
  6. Add Condition
  7. Module: Opportunities, Field: Date Created, Operator: Equal To, Type: Date, Value: Now.
  8. Add Action.
  9. Select Action: Create Record, Record Type: Calls, Name: New Opportunity call.
  10. Add FieldAdd Relationship
  11. Save.
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Another thing I do often is create a checkbox in a module, for example Opportunities and if the Opportunity= Stage Won and the checbox is checked, I create a Project record copying all the data over from the Opportunity to create a new project for the Ops team. This is all done with workflow.

You simply use the option to create a new record as the action, and select the module, then equate the fields, its pretty straighforward.

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Here’s an example of something I’ve done that will create a task on contact creation for a 4 week review.

That should get you started :slight_smile:

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