Automatic "Relate" fields

The documentation mentions that when a relationship is setup, a related field is created in one of the modules records (which one depends on the type of relationship). But I can’t figure out how it decides which fields will show up in the module. Is there a way to specify which field is used to index the relationship?

The reason i am asking is that I want to import (through the csv import facility) some Accounts and Contacts. In the system they are coming from they are related by an account number that is unique to our system (but not GUID’s). But the default mechanism is to match by Account Name field in the contacts. I wonder if I can change this ‘primary’ field? Also I am asking because I am curious how it works.

SuiteCRM Related Record Creator Add-on is solution to this !!

Related Record Creator helps you create a related record from any module and define which fields should be copied over to the newly created related record. For example, if a user is on a Ticket record the use could create an Invoice record from that Ticket and copy over information such as the contact information or address.

Benefits :

  • Adds a new Action link under a module’s button options to create related records based on the Record Creator Settings.
  • Option to open a “Create record” page on popup or redirect to the related module’s create screen.
  • Mapping field management with primary and secondary(related) module.
  • User defined link name under more menu in any module.

Explore more at Related Record Creator

Watch demo at here.